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I have had this mistake tattooed on my ribcage for about four years and it was time for it to go. I called the business number in the evening on a Friday and ms Karina was able to offer me an appointment the next morning.

I was even running late to the appointment and she was still so sweet to me when I got there. The place is really sleek and modern very well put together. During most tat removal consultations around Vegas that I've been to they Re talking about money most of the time. Typically the technicians are not very knowledgable abs aren't able to make you any promises.... Since I have a tiny but of knowledge about the type of laser she was using I have realistic expectations and the promises she made matched that.

Ms Karina wasn't focused on selling me a dream or making a bunch of money she knew I wanted this ugly thing gone and she wanted to help me. I laid down for the treatment expecting to be crying for the next twenty minutes but wham bam she was finished and I barely felt a thing.

I'm so happy I was patient while looking for a tattoo removal tech. This is a great fit.

Thanks Ms Karina ! And to you yelpers...if u have unwanted ink....go see erased tattoo removal you won't regret it!

Andrea G., Las Vegas NV

I've had nothing but the best experience at Eased, everyone is really nice and help make you feel comfortable in an uncomfortable situation. Haha. I'm getting a small tattoo removed from behind my ear for my new job, and only had 4 sessions and it's almost gone!!! If you're looking for a great tattoo removal spot this is the place to go! :)

Kat M., Addison TX

I love this place !!! I have had 5 treatments so far with wonderful results the man who works here is very patient and very likeable. The pricing here is also very reasonable probably the best pricing in Vegas I will definitely be referring friends and coming back. Thank you erased laser tattoo removal I love you guys!

Diana E., North Las Vegas NV

I've been to Erased three times now. Time for my review and I'll post some before and after pics. I echo previous reviews in the location being clean and nice. Erased uses the NaturaLase QS 2J laser which is state of the art. Contrary to popular belief, It doesn't hurt as bad as you would think. The technology has come a long way thankfully. I had a black tattoo removed many many years ago and that was full blown torture... and that was WITH numbing cream and I have a high pain tolerance. Couldn't imagine it without that cream... Geez! The doctor had to physically hold my foot down and it took everything within me to not kick that doctor in the face it hurt so bad! And you could smell your skin burning in the room. It was downright awful! I'm so appreciative of the fact that the tattoo removal experience is not like that anymore because to be honest, I don't know if I could do it again. Certain ink colors hurt worse than others and if the tattoo is near a bone or on a sensitive area, you might feel more pain but it's over so fast, it won't even phase you. If you could handle getting the tattoo in the first place, you can definitely handle the removal process so don't be a puss people! If you want to get it done, do it! And better yet, do it at Erased!

I'm saying goodbye to "the only tattoo that mom's like" (Tigger & Winnie the Pooh) along with a daisy with a peace sign in the middle on my butt and a daisy on my toe (the friendship tattoo curse). Sayonara to all these mistakes! I'm not regretting this decision one bit. I promise to post pics of my progress along the way for all to see.

Bobbi B., Las Vegas NV

I have been to Erased tattoo for several treatments over the last year, working on a few different areas and the results please me ! I have several tattoos, with black and color that I want removed. The tat on my arm is almost gone, even the colors!

I freeze up the area with a cold ice pack prior to treatment, and hardly feel anything! I highly recommend Erased tattoo! Great customer service, Fair reasonable prices, clean neat shop, and pleasing results! It does take a few treatments, and every tattoo is different. Go in today for your free consult ! The owner Rocks!

Angie D., Las Vegas NV

had my first session today with Thomas. I'm getting 2 13 year old tattoos remove and 1 tattoo on my fingers that is about 3 years old. 1 session and the 2 old tattoos are already fading significantly. I went to 3 places before coming to erased an let me just say I'm so thankful I found him. the 2 places I went to was 1 very expensive and though I wouldn't mind paying the money neither place could provide me with before and after pictures of other people. I was really skeptical. I highly recommend if you want/need a tattoo removed go to Thomas.

Sabrina M., North Las Vegas NV

I just finished getting my 2nd session of laser tattoo removal here and so far, I'm thrilled! The office is really clean, which I appreciate. The technician is friendly and professional. After just one session, I had chunks of the tattoo already gone. I can see already that this 2nd session got it really good. I think 5 sessions will probably be all I need. Most of all, this place is affordable!! I highly recommend going here for affordable, effective laser tattoo removal.

Lacy W., Las Vegas NV

I have been to 2 other places in Las Vegas for tattoo removal and none compare to Erased Tattoo Removal. Tom has been a life saver! His prices and quality of work surpass 5 stars in my book. He has lasered 6 of my tattoos so far and I am going back Saturday for him to laser my 7th tattoo. Just after 1 session I have seen significant fading in all 6 tattoos! At Erased Tattoo not only is the pricing and quality of work phenomenal, but the discomfort of tattoo removal is reduced. The two other places I went to caused me excruciating pain, but at Erased Tattoo Removal the discomfort is minimal, practically non-exsistent. If you are looking for a tattoo removal company where you want results at a rate you can afford, look no further! Erased Tattoo Removal is your place!

Stephanie V., Las Vegas NV

3 months ago
Definitely recommend Erased Laser Tattoo Removal. Amazing results on multiple tattoo's!!!!!! After getting quotes from numerous places around town ELTR beat them all out. Office is Clean staff is friendly and more than willing to sit and answer any questions you have without making you feel rushed or as if they are just trying to sell you. No doubt best place in town and will not being going anywhere else.

F Klein

a year ago
I have been coming here for 6 months now and after 3 treatments my tattoo is more then half way gone. There is absolutely no scarring, in photos I took with my friendthe tattoo can't even be seen. The process is a little painful but I wouldnt say any more pain then getting the tattoo done. The price they gave me was the best I found and fit my budget nicely. I would strongly recommend Erased to anyone that wants there tattoo removed.

Crystal Polston

2 years ago
I would DEFINITELY recommend this place. I've gotten work done before elsewhere and I can honestly say they're fantastic... Clean, honest, great pricing and very caring.

Maria Carly

2 years ago
Erased has been my only experience with tattoo removal and will stay that way. They were super kind and took the time to explain the process. And since I was worried about the pain they did a test spot so I can feel how it would be, and let me say, that with the chilling machine they have plus numbing cream, I felt almost nothing.

Kimberly Smith

2 years ago
I was a little skeptical at first, but after two treatments my tattoo on my back and wrist are half way gone. I am very impressed. I paid half the price I was quoted around town here. Thank you Erased Laser Tattoo Removal for the great service and the affordability. See you in 6 weeks.

Ivan Garcia

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